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Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy in Sarasota, FL

Improper posture plagues many people around the country, which can lead to many problems down the road if not addressed properly. A misalignment to the spine brought on by a poor posture can escalate into back problems such as tight shoulders, chronic back and neck pain, or the development of numerous musculoskeletal dysfunctions. If you are in the Sarasota, FL, area, Mankowitz Chiropractic and Massage can help you correct your alignment, addressing any problems with posture, along with relieving several of the ailments attributed with misalignment with the spine.

Professional Chiropractor and Massage Therapist

Dr. David Mankowitz has been helping patients in the Sarasota area since 1995. With well over 30 years of experience in the field, Dr. Mankowitz is specialized in a myriad of physical therapies and therapeutic practices to address and resolve common issues such as neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, muscle tension, stress and anxiety, fatigue, poor circulation and even a lowered immune system. We have experienced and licensed massage therapists, along with our Board-Certified chiropractor who can help you with any pain management issues you may be having. We also treat muscle injuries and joint pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Pain Management

The most successful way to manage pain is by addressing the root of the problem. Through chiropractic care we work with your skeletal system, realigning your spine and relieving pinched nerves, strained muscles and improper posture. When the core problems that cause these conditions are treated, you will immediately notice a significant improvement in pain relief. Chiropractic is often used in conjunction with other medical treatments, offering an alternative method of pain relief, benefitting bones, muscles and joints, as well as the ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

Find Relief for Your Neck and Back Pain Near You

We are determined to help as many people as we can become pain free. Located right off of Interstate 75 allows clientele from the surrounding areas to easily come see us. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a FREE consultation appointment, please call us at (941) 922-4444.

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